How Trenchless Pipelining Differs From Traditional Options

It used to be that when you had a damaged sewer pipe, the only option was to dig up your yard and physically remove the old pipe and install a new one. Not only was this a serious yard destroyer, but it was expensive and time-consuming as well. While traditional pipe repair is still used in special cases, now is the time of trenchless pipe repair options.

Repairing Pipes Without Digging

In trenchless pipe repair, a number of different methods are used, but all methods don't involve digging up your yard. Instead, they use the existing pipe to make repairs or, at the very least, as a guideline to insert new pipe.

As such, there is no need to dig up all your yard. At most, a couple small holes may be dug to gain entry depending on the unique circumstances of your pipe problem. At A R Engh, we offer trenchless pipe repair. Learn more here. 

Trenchless Saves on Repair

Many pipe problems are solid candidates for trenchless piping. In fact, traditional pipe repair methods really should only be used for a few unique circumstances in which trenchless repair is not an option. Trenchless repair saves everyone time and money. If you consider old pipe repair options, they would have to dig up large sections of your yard to replace the pipe. If this included under your driveway or sidewalks, they'd have to break that concrete. If it was under your landscaping, they had to dig it up. After the repair was done, you'd also be stuck with the expense of having all that repaired as well.

On top of all that, this traditional process takes a huge time investment. That's a lot of man hours to pay for when a trenchless repair option can often be completed in a fourth of the time. Unfortunately, the reason why many homeowners don't choose trenchless repair is they are not offered the option. It is important to know all your options if you find your home has a serious pipe option so you don't spend more than you need to.

If you’re in a situation where you need to have a sewer pipe repaired, connect with our team before you dig anything up. We’re happy to help you save time, money, and hopefully, your beautiful yard. 

-A R Engh Team