Question: What is trenchless pipelining & repair? 

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In a snapshot, Trenchless Pipelining & Repair works like this:

1 Dig up your yard.gif

First, don't rip up your yard.

Pipes can break or burst for many different reasons. Many times, homeowners receive recommendations to tear up their yard to fix the pipe, costing thousands and thousands of dollars. But that's not what you should be doing. 

2 Have AR Engh save you thousands.gif

Instead, give our team a call .

You don't have to take the first recommendation that you receive, but you should learn more about trenchless pipe lining before you agree to a major yard renovation. You can reach our office here: (320) 286-2020.

3 Insert a camera into pipe to find a break.gif

we Start with a simple camera inspection.

With our state of the art camera system, we can find the issues within your pipes without any demolition. By finding the type of damage that's happened, our team will be better qualified to make the correct recommendation.   

4 Insert lining and expand it with air to seal.gif

Then we'll line the pipe.

If trenchless pipe lining is a valid solution, our team will clean out the pipe of debris and insert a liner into the pipe. This liner is then expanded to cover the edges (including the damaged areas).

5 Warm water creates a seal to fix the leak for good.gif

sealing it So you have a "like new" pipe.

Once the liner is in place, we run warm water through the pipe to ensure that it's sealed and working properly. This allows the pipe to function "like new."

In some areas you must have your exterior pipes inspected before selling your home.

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