The 4 things you shouldn’t be putting down your drain this Thanksgiving.


rom our family to yours, we hope that you’re enjoying the leftovers from your Thanksgiving celebration, and the peace and quiet of a less hectic household. As you enjoy the leftovers though, we ask that you remember a few things. 

We ask that you don’t put any of these items down your drain today: 

  1. Gravy: We hope you enjoyed numerous greasy items such as gravy, and that they were delicious. However, many of these oily substances will and can attached themselves to the blades of your disposal, rendering it useless (dull). They can also adhere to the drains themselves and create clogging or backups. 
  2. Glass, plastic, or paper: Be extra cautious that none of these items made their way sneakily into your sink this Thanksgiving season. Items such as glass, plastic, or paper can ruin the blades of your disposal and create a potential clog in your drain.
  3. Turkey Leg Bones: Always toss the turkey leg bones into the trash. You may have heard that these bones can sharpen your disposal blades, but this is not true. Ultimately, these bones will dull your disposal, creating a less capable blade for future disposals.
  4. Potatoes: Did you know that potato peels can get wrapped around your disposal blades, wearing down the motor as well as dulling its blade. So peel your potatoes or sweet potatoes into the trash this year. 

These simple tips will help you as your recover from your Thanksgiving festivities. Thanks again for being a part of our community. 

- A R Engh Heating & Cooling Team