Don’t trust the Fallout.

As fall quickly approaches us, we’re here to discuss the Fallout of your AC unit, and the beginning of your Furnace usage. In this blog post, we’ll identify a few tips that you might want to utilize as we turn off our AC units, and turn on our furnaces. 

hase 1: Winterize your outdoor AC unit. The steps include the following: 

  • Turn off the exterior power to the AC unit. 
  • Clean the AC unit & surrounding areas. 
  • Cover the AC unit with a tarp.

Phase 2: Schedule a furnace inspection with A R Engh: Or do the following: 

  • Check and/or change the filter. 
  • Switch the thermostat from cooling to heating. 
  • Make sure your furnace burners are clear of any debris. 
  • Make sure the thermostat is working properly. 
  • Check all vents to make sure they’re uncovered. 
  • Have a professional take a final look. 

s the cold months continue to come our way, please remember that A R Engh is here to help you. Also, this month we’re offering a fall special (noted above). Learn more about that here:

Remember, don’t just trust the Fallout. Make sure you’re prepared. 

- A R Engh Team