A R Engh Spring Special

Spring is upon us, and that means that it's time to have your air conditioning unit inspected. During the months of April, May, and June we're offering a $95 inspection. Fill out the form below to schedule your AC inspection today!


$95 Spring Special Includes: 

  1. Cleaning of leaves and debris out of air conditioner

  2. Washing of the condenser coil

  3. Inspection of visual leaks, electrical failures, and contractors

  4. Cleaning of condensation line

  5. Inspection and/or changing of the filter

  6. Check and record refrigerant charge

  7. Check thermostat and settings

  8. Check and record amp draw on compressor


Ask About Our Home Plan:

To learn more about A R Engh's home plan, receiving the added benefits listed below, check the box on the Spring Special form. Think about it as HVAC insurance. Benefits include:

  1. 10% off service calls

  2. 5% off new equipment installations

  3. Priority scheduling

  4. 2 FREE filters

Schedule your $95 Spring inspection today.  

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