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It’s time to tune-up your furnace.


Through November we’re offering a $99 furnace tune-up. This tune-up will ensure that your home’s heating system is running smoothly, efficiently, and safely.


Inspection & Testing 

-This offer includes the following inspections & testings: 
-Perform carbon monoxide test and adjust gas and/or air if CO is too high
-Check flame characteristics, and adjust gas and/or air, if needed
-Check flue gas path from burner to vent for cleanliness and cracks. Clean and report as necessary
-Check the pilot/igniter for proper operation. Also check the flame sensor/pilot light shut down controls for proper operation
-Check the condition of the furnace air filter. Recommend the correct replacement part, if necessary
-Check condition of fan motor(s) and pump motor (for boilers). Lubricate bearings as needed
-Check the operational controls and adjust, if necessary


Upon completion of your home's furnace and boiler inspection, our service technician will also provide you with a detailed description of any recommendations we have. 

This helps to ensure a few things: 

-Your home's heat is protected all winter
-You don't experience unexpected system failures
-Your family is safe from any furnace/boiler malfunctions

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