6 Interesting Air Conditioning Facts & Figures

Air conditioning may not seem like the most intriguing subject. Nonetheless, people often find it interesting to learn about the history of this important technology and its remarkable impact on everyday life.

So, we thought we’d provide you with some facts and figures to peak your interest. 

6 Cool (See What We Did There) Facts

(1) Around nine out of 10 Americans use air conditioning, and 93 percent of new dwellings feature A/C systems. Around 1.6 billion air conditioners exist throughout the world; this figure is expected to rise dramatically in the decades to come.

(2) This technology prevents numerous heat-related illnesses. As A/C systems became increasingly common across America, the number of people who died from extreme heat exposure dropped by about four-fifths.

(3) The demand for cooling equipment isn't only driven by high outdoor temperatures. People become more likely to install A/C systems after they acquire extra heat-producing appliances, such as freezers, dryers, slow cookers and ovens. The same goes for large electronic devices.

(4) Before A/C became available, people tried to cope with the summer heat in different ways. Some individuals had to sleep outdoors or inside of porches. Others retreated to cool cellars and subterranean structures.

(5) Engineer Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioner in 1902 and patented it four years later, according to House Beautiful. This equipment focused on optimizing the humidity level rather than the temperature. His employer was a publishing firm that wanted its ink to dry rapidly.

(6) Air conditioning first appeared in large buildings, such as mansions and movie theaters. This helped make films much more popular in the summer. Systems began to reach large numbers of homes, small businesses and vehicles during the 1950s and 1960s.

Today, cooling technology continues to advance as manufacturers boost efficiency and introduce more sophisticated ways to control the equipment. Remember that you can always contact us for professional A/C maintenance, repairs or replacement.

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