Three Ways Trees Can Hurt Your Plumbing

When people talk about trees and the damage that they can cause homes, they're usually talking about foundation problems. But while aggressive root systems can cause all sorts of structural vulnerabilities around your foundation, the problems don't just end there.

It’s important to keep aggressively growing trees away from the edge of your property and your main pipes, and we’ll lay that out below.

Thirsty trees displace the soil and put stress on your pipes.

Trees can drink dozens or hundreds of gallons of water a day. They'll absorb whatever water they can reach from the soil. But if they take too much from super-absorbent clay soil, they can make that dirt expand and contract dramatically. That puts a lot of stress on your pipes and can make them crack or fall.

Even thirstier trees will break into the pipes to access the water.

When the soil has no more water to give the trees or if they sense a leak at a pipe joint, tree roots can dig into pipes. Once the tip of a root works its way inside, it will continue to expand until the pipe gives way. Two common signs of this are if you have a tree growing near your water line and you experience low water pressure or there's a constant puddle in your yard.

Roots can grow into your main water lines and into your house.

Once they're in, those roots won't stop growing. They can eventually fill up the majority of the pipe because of the unimpeded access. They can even grow up into your drains and your home's interior plumbing.

Destructive tree roots won't stop growing once they find an easy water supply. Contact our team immediately if you think your trees are growing into or damaging your plumbing. We can send out an inspector and start repairs to get your pipes back in safe working order.

-A R Engh Team