How to Retrieve Valuables From Your Sink

Wedding rings, earrings, screws– we have all been there. If you accidentally drop something valuable down your drain, it is the ultimate "Oh no!" moment. However, it isn't the end of the world. There are a number of ways you can retrieve those items from your drain, so don't give up and think they are gone forever.

For many items that have fallen down the sink, you can get them back easily with some light disassembly of your sink. Start by turning off the water so there isn't any unexpected accidents. You should then place a bucket under the sink plumbing to catch the water and anything that may fall out.

Unscrew your J-pipe from both the area near the sink and the side closest to the wall. Once you do this, you can remove it and dump it into the bucket. Water and hopefully your item will fall out. If it doesn't there is a chance that your item is stuck in the P-trap. This is the pipe that has a slight curve right near the entrance of your sink.  The best way to get items from here is to use a magnetic tool to attract the item, but this will not work with gold or silver.

Unfortunately, if you have exhausted these options or you have a precious metal item stuck in your P-trap, you will need to call a plumber. Removing a P-trap can be done with a plumbing wrench, and a plumber can make sure it is done safely. If the item is not in the P-trap, your plumber may still be able to find it for you without any risk to your plumbing. Hopefully, you can retrieve the item yourself, but when you can't, our team has the knowledge and tools to ensure it is done right.

- A R Engh Team