Five Times You Need to Get Your Exterior Pipes Inspected

It's hard to know when your pipes are causing problems. They don't make noises like mechanical parts, they're not visible, and many pipe problems can mask themselves as appliance malfunctions. But check this list for some of the most important signs that you need to get your pipes inspected.

Before you rent out your home.

In some areas of Minnesota, it's a legal requirement to get your pipes inspected before you sell your house. If you're renting instead of selling, go ahead and get them inspected, anyway. A quick inspection can catch the problems that will make tenants leave. Getting that inspection handled now also means you can explore rent to own contract options.

Before you buy a home with a well.

There's no legal requirement for wells to pass an inspection. But there's also no requirement for homeowners to be licensed before they dig a well or make their own repairs. If a house you're interested in has a well, get all of the plumbing inspected before you make an offer.

If you have low water pressure.

Low water pressure can have lots of different causes. But if your home is receiving lowered water pressure across the board, the problem is probably with your exterior pipes. Get them inspected before the problem grows. If it's caught early enough, it can probably be fixed without any trenches.

If your yard is flooded or marshy above the water line.

If you have a flooded lawn and muddy soil but it hasn't rained recently, that water is probably coming from underground. A licensed professional can inspect the pipe with a camera, locate potential leaks, and patch them.

If your water bill is inordinately high.

Sometimes water problems won't show themselves at all. If you have lots of trees, they can absorb the evidence before you see it. But cracked pipes can make your water bill skyrocket. Unless there's a good reason for your water bill to be significantly different from one month to the next, call in an inspector.

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-A R Engh Team