3 Ways Trenchless Pipelining Can Save Your Landscaping

Whenever there's a problem in the main pipes leading to and away from your house, it's important to get the problem solved as quickly as possible. Many plumbing emergencies are caused by breakages in the pipe. A pipe may have cracked due to shifting soil after a particularly dry season. Maybe your tree roots have grown too far into the ground and have punctured the pipes to gain easy water and growing space.

No matter what the cause is, traditional repair methods meant digging up your yard to find and fix the problem. But trenchless pipelining can save your yard these three ways.

The camera system can find the break with perfect precision.

If your lawn is flooded due to a broken pipe, it can be impossible to pinpoint where the damage originated from by sight alone. Traditionally, that meant you would have to have long trenches dug through your yard so plumbers could find the source.

But with trenchless pipelining, your plumber won't search for the crack from the ground down. They'll insert a camera through the pipe and use a computer to find precisely where the damage is.

The broken pipe doesn't have to be dug out of the ground.

Unearthing the top of a pipe can cause a lot of landscaping damage. But removing and replacing a portion of a pipe can cause even more. With trenchless pipelining, the pipe stays in the ground and the grass isn't disturbed. Instead, an interior lining is installed in the pipe to seal up the leak.

Trenchless pipelining is fast.

Broken pipes can flood your yard quickly. Having to turn off the water to your whole house can be just as damaging, especially if your landscaping has a strict watering schedule. But you can schedule trenchless pipelining quickly, and the lining can be fully in place in just a fraction of the time of traditional repairs.

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-A R Engh Team