Should I Replace Old Ductwork?

When should you replace your old ductwork? 

Well, it’s possible to reuse old ducts when you install new cooling or heating equipment. However, it’s also true that you may achieve better results if you replace the ductwork. 

Below we’ll address a few of the things you should be thinking about regarding your home’s ductwork. 


To operate efficiently, reliably and quietly, your furnace or air conditioner needs correctly sized ducts. Be sure to ask an installer if the existing ductwork is too large or small for a new HVAC system.


Conduits may become dirty over time as countless particles pass through them. The ductwork might also start to smell bad. You could choose to pay hundreds of dollars for duct-cleaning services, but replacement eliminates grime while providing several other benefits.


Cracked or otherwise damaged ducts can carry pollutants from one place to another. For instance, particles from the cellar or attic might enter your bedroom and kitchen. This contaminates the air and may cause breathing difficulties, especially if you have asthma.

When a conduit isn't completely intact, it will also allow cooled or heated air to escape. You might waste energy by unintentionally cooling your closets and basement. New ductwork can significantly improve efficiency.


If you replace ducts, you'll probably benefit from a reduction in noise. Conduits carry air more quietly when they're the right size and remain in good condition. Furthermore, improved efficiency might allow your system to run for shorter periods of time.


Many homebuyers appreciate lower energy costs, less noise and cleaner air. This makes them more likely to purchase and pay a higher price for a house with new ductwork. On the other hand, interested buyers may think twice if they notice old conduits in poor condition.

Think you need to get new ductwork for your home? Connect with our friendly HVAC experts today to request an estimate or learn more about replacement.

-A R Engh Team