5 Reasons to Repipe Your Hot Water Pipes

Having to repipe your home's plumbing sounds like a costly, complicated endeavor. But if you're facing a potential repiping project or you have an old home, repiping isn't something you should put off, and it's not all bad news. 

Hot water pipes develop internal rust before the cold water pipes do.

Hot water makes oxidation more likely. Rough edges and connection points along your hot water lines are much more likely to rust and break over time. Fixing them before the water damage starts cuts down on headaches and the overall cost of keeping your home in good condition.

Minerals deposits from an undrained water heater can damage them.

Water minerals can also cause damage. Many homes don't have their water heater tanks drained as often as they should. Different water supplies have different levels of minerals, so even diligently employing a water softener and annually draining your tank might not be enough. But if the deposits find their way into your pipes, they can cause a lot of damage on their way out.

Older houses might have lead fixtures.

If your home was constructed before the major lead bans and reclamation projects in the '80s and '90s, then there's a significant chance that you have lead in your plumbing. A plumber can investigate it and replace small parts easily, but it's better to replace the whole thing with modern materials.

Newer materials make maintenance easier and less frequent.

Speaking of modern materials, PEX, copper, and other newer materials are much better than clay pipes and lead parts. Even if an emergency isn't making you consider a repiping, you should certainly consider it if you know your house has old fixtures. Planning the improvement early gives you more control over the schedule, the materials, and the costs.

It improves the property.

New plumbing is good for properties. You can highlight the improvement in the listings when your house goes on the market, and the house won't have any black marks on its records regarding property damage. Younger buyers also prefer houses with updated plumbing, and that makes it easier to sell your house at a price you like.

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-A R Engh Team