3 Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Winter is a great season filled with holiday gatherings and family festivities. However, winter is also a time when plumbing problems often occur. The cold temperatures and increased demand for hot water can put a strain on your plumbing system. Here are three common plumbing issues that you may face during the winter.

Water Heater Failure

Cold temperatures cause your water heater to work overtime during the winter. Demand for hot water is higher during the cold weather, and the water flowing into the water heater is much colder. This forces your water heater to work longer and harder to warm the water. In addition to a lack of hot water, some of the warning signs of water heater failure include:

  • The water heater is more than 10 years old.

  • Your water heater is leaking.

  • Your water heater needs frequent repairs.

If you notice any of these issues, have your water heater repaired as soon as possible.  

Clogged Drains

Take care with the things you dispose of down the drain. While it's important to be careful all year, it's especially important in the winter months. Food can accumulate in your pipes more easily during the winter. Never pour cooking oils or fats down your drains. Dispose of food waste in the trash, not in the sink. In the shower, use hair traps to prevent clogging. If your drains become clogged, call a plumber to fix the problem.  

Frozen Pipes

Below-freezing winter temperatures make this area vulnerable to frozen pipes. Pipes in unheated areas of your home, or pipes that aren't properly insulated, are in danger of becoming frozen. Frozen pipes can burst and lead to costly water damage in your home. Restricted water flow is the most noticeable sign of frozen pipes.

If you suspect that a pipe is frozen, leave your faucet open to let water flow. Keeping the water moving can reduce pressure and help to prevent your pipes from freezing. Leave the faucet open and call a plumber for help right away.

Contact us for your plumbing needs this winter and throughout the year.