Are you moving? You might legally need a drain inspection.

Having your drains inspected might actually be more important to you than you originally thought. In some cities, there is an ordinance that you must have your drains inspected before you finalize the sale of your home.


The inspection is done with a camera that is inserted into your drain (and pipes). This camera will record any issues including cracks, punctures, or complete breaks of the pipe. With thorough knowledge of any damage, or lack of damage, you’ll be prepared to discuss appropriate solutions if need be.


Upon the completion of the inspection, our team will clean the entire pipe, ensuring that any debris or foreign objects are removed. This process is crucial, as you do not want to simply repair the pipe, but leave behind debris that can cause further damage.


After the pipe is cleared of debris, we insert the new pipe lining and expand it with air to ensure that the entire pipe is coated with a protective layer. Think about it like blowing up a balloon within the pipe.


Once the lining is in place, our team will run warm water through the pipe. This seals the new lining in place, ensuring that previous cracks or other damages are attended to.

If you are moving this Summer, it’s best to find out if you live in a city that requires an inspection. Connect with our team today to learn more!

-A R Engh Team