It’s In Between Season

It’s that funny time in between Spring and Summer, and you might be thinking that you can rest easy with both your Furnace and AC units. However, it may be one of the most important times of the year. In this blog post we’ll highlight a few tips you’ll want to note as you tune down your Furnace and tune up your AC.

Furnace Tune Down

  • Assess your furnace’s function: After a full winter of running, it’s a good time to assess the function of your furnace? Did it work well? Does it run a little rough? Did you have any major issues with the furnace? These types of assessments are relevant because the answers to these questions are relevant. You may also look to have a professional come in and do a formal inspection at this time. Remember, it’s never too early to prep for next fall.

  • Replace your furnace filter: As you’re winding down the use of your furnace this year, be sure to replace your filter. Not only will this help you not have to remember come Fall, you’ll also get cleaner, more efficient heat, for the remainder of your furnace’s use.

  • Have a professional cleaning done: Having a professional inspection and cleaning done will ensure that you have a properly working furnace next Fall, and it will also ensure that if you need any changes done (i.e. parts, maintenance, or complete replacement).   

AC Tune Up

  • Remove debris: The winter months can force outside debris to build up around your AC unit. To be sure your unit will work properly, remove any obvious debris that would be covering the unit or intruding on any vents.  

  • Turn it on: Once you have the debris removed, turn on the AC unit to see how it’s working. This will help you understand if you need maintenance - or an inspection - done. If you hear any crazy noises, be sure to turn off the air conditioner, and seek professional help.

  • Schedule preventative maintenance: It’s always a good idea to have a professional inspect your AC unit before the summer. The majority of our service calls are for things that could have been prevented by simple maintenance.

So as we are all in this in between season, be sure to not let your HVAC maintenance go unnoticed. As always, we’re here to help if need be!

-A R Engh