Top 5 reasons to have your drains inspected this spring.

As most of us are excited for, Spring is coming. With that in mind, it’s important to be mindful of the home maintenance things you should be attending to. So, we thought we’d acknowledge 5 reasons you should be having your drains inspected this Spring. See the reasons below.

Find dangerous debris.

Whether it’s a tree root or leaf buildup, debris can be dangerous to the function of your pipes and drains. A thorough inspection will ensure that your drain is working appropriately, and that you aren’t in harms way this Spring.

Water and rain is coming.

It’s Spring time, which means that the snow will begin to melt and rain will work its way into the weather report. Because of this, it’s important to have your drains inspected. With more water working its way through your pipes, any type of irregularity or problem will be maximized.

Clear bacteria & odor.

Bacteria can build up within your drains, often times causing bad odor (or even harmful odor). By doing an inspection, you will ensure that you know exactly what types of bacteria are building up (if any), which will help create a plan for cleaning.  

Avoid a costly shutdown.

Preventative maintenance is important with your drains and pipes. By having your drains inspected you can avoid having to shut them down altogether (and the sometimes large expense of doing emergency repair).

Repair broken pipes.

Although finding broken pipes isn’t a fun thing to find, it can prevent larger issues down the road that affect much more than just the pipe. An inspection is designed to address any issues that may be prevalent, and then our team will provide the appropriate treatment opportunities.

Spring is coming, there is no doubt. If you are interested in having your drains inspected, connect with our team today.

-A R Engh Team