4 noises you may hear from your AC unit this spring.

As Summer approaches, many homes will be turning on their AC units for the first time in months. Below, we’d like to address 4 noises you may hear this Spring, and what to think / do when you hear them.


Banging typically means that one or more parts on the AC unit is loose. This can be caused from the extreme cold throughout the winter, where maybe a bolt froze off. If you can’t find the loose bolt yourself, have a professional take a look.


There are multiple reasons that your AC unit would be clicking, but one to pay attention to is having a defective control, or failing thermostat. Often times the clicking will result in an electrical failure of some sort.


Buzzing may be one of the most common noises you hear from your outdoor AC unit. This is caused from a variety of issues, including having a loose fan motor, debris buildup in the unit, or simply that the air filter needs to be changed.


If you hear a high pitched screaming from your AC unit, shut it down right away and call a professional. Most likely, this screaming is from a refrigerant leak (which can harm your AC unit, and family). Also, it’s important to note that some AC units will automatically shut down if this type of leak happens.  

If your AC is making any noise that seems out of the norm, it’s always best to call a professional first. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Connect with us today if we can help in any way.

- A R Engh Team