How Long Does a Trenchless Pipelining Fix Last?

If your home is manifesting pipe problems and you have begun to look into all the options to fix it, you've likely already considered trenchless pipelining as a fix because of all its many benefits. No one wants their yard to be torn up for an expensive pipe repair and replacement, but everyone does want a fix to be done right. As with all good things, there needs to be some catch to trenchless pipelining, right? In this regard, some homeowners may see it as more of a band-aid fix rather than a permanent one. Rest assured, that is not the case.

After investigation with a drain camera and its has been decided that your damaged pipe is the right candidate for trenchless drain repair, the pipe liner does function in a similar way to a bandage, but it is one that lasts much longer. As a safe and durable plastic liner, it patches areas of damage so your pipe runs like new. As it is a non-corrodible material, trenchless pipelining options can last upwards for 50 years. This is actually a comparable lifespan to many modern piping options. This means you can have your pipe repaired with all the benefits of trenchless pipelining without sacrificing the need for a long-lasting repair.

If trenchless pipelining lasts around the same as pipe replacement, why aren't more people taking advantage of it? Essentially it comes down to two factors. The first being that trenchless repair is still relatively new, meaning that many plumbing services don't yet have the necessary training and equipment to do it. The second is that not all pipes can be repaired this way. For problems like full pipe collapse, trenchless repair is not an option. As trenchless pipelining is only applicable in certain pipe damage situations, sometimes you just can't escape traditional pipe replacement.