Steps to Take When There is a Sewer Backup in Your Home

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a sewer back up in your home. The stench from the wastewater is enough to turn your stomach. What's more, sewage contains matter that can potentially harm your health. That's why it is vital that you take immediate action to contain the backup. Below are some quick steps that you should take to contain a sewer backup in your home.

Shut off the water

Sewer backups occur when the main drain line is clogged. This is the plumbing pipe that's tasked with delivering wastewater to the septic system. The worst thing that you can do at this time is to allow more water into the sewer line. Since the water won't flow through, it will back up with more waste matter. Cut off the water supply to your home by shutting off the main valve. This will prevent other occupants of the house from running water in the shower, sinks, and washers.

Don't flush the toilet

A sewer backup is already enough trouble, and the last thing you need is to have a clogged toilet as well. Avoid using and flushing the toilets as the water and waste won't be able to flow through the drains and into the septic system. As a result, sewage may back up into your toilet or even overflow on the bathroom floor. If there is any water in the toilet reservoir, do not use it as it may worsen the problem.

Protect yourself

Raw sewage is potentially hazardous to your health. It contains germs and bacteria which can expose you to bacterial, viral, and parasitic diseases.  Take precautions to protect yourself and your family. Wear protective footwear, rubber gloves, and a face mask. Do not touch anything that's been contaminated with the sewage using your bare hands.

Contact a plumber

Unlike the usual drain clogs in the home, a sewer line blockage is not one that you can handle on your own. It may be associated with multiple blocked drains in the home. In some instances, sewer line clogs may be due to overgrown tree roots or sediment build-up in the pipes. Due to the complexity of the problem, it is advisable to consult a plumber. They will use inspection cameras and other equipment to identify the cause of the clog and unblock the sewer line.

Dealing with a blocked sewer line can be stressful, but it is important to ensure that you don't aggravate the problem or endanger your health. Contact us immediately for professional sewer line clearing and cleaning services.