When Might Trenchless Pipelining Not Be An Option?

When it comes to sewer repair, all homeowner's get the same dreadful image of their yard torn to pieces or even their driveway being torn up and needing to be redone. However, sewer repair need not always include the expensive digging. In some cases, you may be able to have it repaired via trenchless pipelining that requires very little digging or even no digging at all if certain criteria are met.

However, trenchless pipelining, sadly, is not a solution to every sewer repair occasion. In order to understand when trenchless pipelining won't work for your issue, you should first understand how the process works.

How the Trenchless Pipelining Process Repairs Sewers

The most basic description of pipelining is that it creates a new pipe inside your old one. You can learn (and see) more of the specifics of this process here. This restricts flow by a minimal amount, but it essentially means that you do not need to dig up and replace the pipe itself. How they do this process is that a tube covered in epoxy is inserted into the problem area via a small dug access hole or a sewer vent. Once in, the tube is inflated, the epoxy hardens, and a new pipe within your pipe is born.

As you would expect from this process, there are certain limitations. Trenchless pipelining works best in mostly straight environments. This means that the following may mean that trenchless pipelining isn't an option for you.

Trenchless pipelining may not work for:

  • Angular areas with damage such as curves or turns in the line

  • Pipes that have already completely broken and been pushes into misalignment

  • Pipes with a certain amount of collapse

  • When the pipe diameter is too small

However, while the above does mean that there will need to be digging, if you would like to consider trenchless repair, always bring it up. Your repair technician should be able to cite any of the above reasons on why it is not feasible, and if they don't, they might not be the right technician for the job.