5 facts that will make you rethink your current heating strategy.

Facts don’t lie. When it comes to the world we live in, facts are a great thing. First, they’re undeniably true. Second, they’re simple to understand (for the most part). That’s why we know you’ll love these 5 facts about heating your home.

You may want to make some changes after reading this.

  1. Programmable thermostats can save $150 / year on energy costs: By having a thermostat that is programmed around your life, you can actually save quite of bit on your energy / gas bill. Think about it this way: It’s a tool to heat your home with wisdom.
  2. Furnaces help your pipes from freezing: Your furnace, while running actually protects your home. For example, your pipes can freeze in colder temperatures, resulting in cracks, bursts, and other damages. But with an active furnace, the heat it produces can keep those pipes from freezing.
  3. Most furnaces will last an upwards of 20 years: Your furnace has a lifespan. It’s a long lifespan, but a lifespan nonetheless. With this in mind, it’s important to understand how old your furnace is. You’ll want to know its age when you purchase or sell your home, and when you have a professional inspect the unit. If you have a 30 year home, and you don’t know if the furnace has been replaced, it might be worth looking into.
  4. Your furnace does require maintenance: Ongoing maintenance is extremely important, and one of the main reasons that furnaces can last for multiple decades. You should have your furnace inspected and tested once every year.
  5. Over 40% of our home’s energy bill comes from our furnace: Throughout the year, 40% of your home’s energy bill can come from your furnace. With this in mind, it’s important to have a furnace that is eco and energy friendly.

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-A R Engh Team