What is a geothermal HVAC system?

It is incredibly easy to get caught up in trends these days. With social media, hashtags and information flying at you, often, from various sources, it is easy to wonder - What is a fleeting trend, and what is worth paying attention to?

Of all the trends, “Going Green” towers over them all as the most recognizable, and the most sustaining, trend of the past 10 years. A “green” lifestyle is easier than ever - with city-wide recycling bins, reusable grocery bags, the green smoothie craze, and geothermal hvac systems!  



Wait, what?


Let us be clear - a geothermal heating and/or cooling system is used to heat or cool your home with energy from the earth, rather than electrical energy. Our earth benefits anytime we stray away from electrical energy and rather use the renewable energy created by the earth itself. While we here at AR Engh are lucky enough to live in the Midwest, that also means that we get the thrill of experiencing all four seasons in full force. Cold winters, hot summers. Which means that having a reliable heating and cooling system working with your home is imperative.


So, why do we offer geothermal systems alongside our more ordinary methods to heating and cooling? Here are a few advantages:


  • Geothermal units do not, in any way, contribute negatively to global warming.


  • In recent studies, geothermal systems were found to extract three to six times more energy than electrical systems. More reliable energy, less stress on you.


  • Homeowners that use a geothermal system find that they save 25% - 50% on their utility bills over time.


  • Geothermal units are known to be much safer for your home because they do not use fossil fuels or propane which can threaten fires, deadly fumes, combustion, or carbon monoxide.


  • Because the geothermal unit parts are not exposed to the outdoor elements there is much less wear and tear on the unit itself and can save you hundreds on regular maintenance. Because of this, the units are known to last for more than 50 years with very little maintenance. Although we love to see our customers, we also love knowing that you’re saving time and money.


There are dozens of resources out there that can tell you more about the advantages and challenges of utilizing a geothermal system. Our team would love to set up a consultation to see if your home would be a good fit for a more economically aware heating and cooling system. To schedule a consultation, click here.


- The AR Engh Team