Putting your furnace to sleep? We can help!

You descend the stairs to the basement slowly, but the creaking wood tells of your whereabouts. You hear a slightly unfamiliar noise, your heart rate increases. “I can do this” you whisper under your breath. Breathe in. As your family stands at the top of the stairs, saluting your courage, you fully enter the basement and stand face to face with it.

Your furnace.

Radiating with heat, you look at it straight on while your knuckles whiten from grasping your tools. It looks mad. Will you continue on your task, attempting to turn off it’s heat for the summer, or will you turn and run like Kevin in Home Alone?

Now, turning off your furnace for the spring and summer shouldn’t be as terrifying as it seems. It is beneficial to turn off your furnace during the warmer months so that you can save money on your utility bills and so that your furnace can stop consuming propane and electricity.  

The most common reason that people don’t like to turn their furnaces off is because of fear of the furnace itself. It’s full of gas - could it explode? Could I break it? What if I blow the pilot light out and it never comes back on? All valid questions. Dealing with your furnace doesn’t need to be a re-enactment from the furnace scene in Home Alone, or even an all day task. There are people that are trained to deal with these things professionally and quickly - like our team!

You don’t need to learn to be the HVAC professional - because we already are, and we love working with you! Give us a call and one of our professionals can help set up your home for the summer.



- The A R Engh Team