Staying Cool and Saving Money.

We feel lucky to be living, working, and raising families in the midwest. There are so many benefits that we could go on forever. But on the top of that list is being able to experience every season in full bloom.

When springtime finally arrives and the world simultaneously comes out of hibernation, it is glorious. The weather is warm, the trees are in bloom, and we celebrate that we survived another shockingly long winter. Springtime is that sweet-spot in the year when your windows can finally be flung open, the heater is turned off, and the AC unit isn’t needed quite yet. The house smells fresh, and you’re saving money on your monthly heating bill. Nothing could be better!

Eventually, springtime’s cool winds turn warmer and warmer until summer approaches. You decide, reluctantly, to close the windows and run the AC unit. Dont fret! You don’t need to stop saving money. Here are just a few ways you can save money while also using your AC unit this summer:

  • Use your ceiling fan! Ceiling fans can make a room feel 10 degrees cooler simply by getting the air moving, and uses about 10 percent of the energy of an AC unit.

  • Shut your blinds! Even if your windows are closed, the sun streaming in during peak hours of heat can cause your ac unit to work harder and longer.

  • Invest in a smart thermostat! Just like regular thermostats, a smart thermostat lets you adjust the temperature in your home, but smart thermostats are programmed to control the temperature based on the time of day and  your preferences. The reason these thermostats are considered so smart is because they eventually learn from your habits. For instance, you can adjust your smart thermostat to turn off when you go to bed, and then turn back on before you wake up.  There are many ways in which you can save money with a smart thermostat - click here to learn more.

  • Check the layout of your furniture! Many people don’t take airflow into account when placing furniture in a room. You could be limiting, or even completely cutting off, airflow if your furniture is obstructing your vents.

    No one should be worried about using the comfort features, such as the air conditioning and heaters, of their home because of money. As long as you decide to be informed about best practices there is no reason you shouldn’t be getting the full benefits of a cool home, while saving money, this summer.



  • The AR Engh Team.