Clearing out Allergies.

Spring and summer are completely magical, especially after longer than normal winters. Now you can gorge on popsicles, jump in warm water, and kick on your AC unit since what feels like forever. But with all the warm weather fun also comes allergies. Yes, we hate them too. Allergies may not be completely avoidable, but here are just a few ways in which you can allergy-proof your home for a less sniffly summer:



  1. Placing dehumidifiers around your home can help immensely. Installing them in especially damp places where mold is likely to grow, such as a basement, can prevent more allergens from polluting your air.

  2. Dry out your clothes and shoes before storing them. Leaving damp items around your home can also produce unnecessary allergens in the air. Swimming and jumping in the sprinkler are all well and good, but just make sure to dry your clothes, shoes, and bathing suits before storing them again.


  1. Clean your air ducts! No matter how many preventative measures you take to make sure allergens aren’t entering your home, they can still get inside by entering your air ducts. Covering your ducts with a cheesecloth or HEPA filters to trap the dust. You should also have a professional come clean out your air ducts at least once a year.

  2. U.V lighting. As technology advances, there are always new ways to improve health and hygiene. These U.V lights can go into your ductwork and clear out bacteria, odor, and allergens without you thinking twice about it.

It is possible to have an amazing summer without the constant bother of allergies! Following these simple steps will help you immensely, but if you prefer a professional to come out and help you, our team offers regular maintenance plans to keep you and your family healthy, happy, and thriving!

The AR Engh Team