What can I do to lower my bill / usage this winter?

In response to our last blog post, why your bill is higher in cold weather (link), we’d like to offer a few “do-it-yourself” solutions to lowering your bill and usage this winter. Please note these thoughts may not resolve all of your cost-related desires.

For a more complete inspection, please connect with our team (www.arengh.com/contact/).

Set Your Thermostat

By setting your thermostat at a set temperature, you are committing to a more consistent usage of energy from your furnace. Every degree change is worth 3-5% in operating costs. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how adjusting the temp throughout the winter months can cause expense changes.

Keep Your Filters / Air Ducts Clean

Way too many homes have dirty filters or dirty air ducts. These two items collectively can be not only hazardous (a fire hazard), but they can also block air flow, meaning your furnace will have to work harder to keep a consistent - warm - temp inside. So, change your filters regularly, and if you haven’t had your ducts cleaned, connect with a professional to do so. You can save 10-15% on energy costs by keeping your filters clean.

Water Heating

Along with heating your home, water heating is another large budget item. It’s actually the second largest use of energy in your home (accounting for an estimated 20% of a family's energy budget). A few ways that you can decrease your water heating bills this winter are to:

  • Fix any drips: 1 drip per second equates to 500 gallons per month. So fix the drips.

  • Take showers: Showers use half of the water than baths.

  • Turn water off: Turn water off in key moments (brushing teeth, doing dishes, etc.)  

These are just a few ways that you can become more intentional about lowering your bills this winter. As we mentioned above, these are just recommendations. For a more intentional plan for your home, set up an inspection with our team.

- A R Engh