4 reasons to have your drains inspected before winter.

Fall is a wonderful season. The leaves are out in full color, there’s a refreshing briskness in the air, and Christmas (YES, CHRISTMAS!!!) is right around the corner. Although the season is beautiful, it’s also messy; especially in your drains & pipes. In this blog post, we’ll highlight 4 reasons you should have your drains inspected before winter arrives.

Don’t ruin this beautiful season with improper drain / pipe maintenance.

Leaves and debris cause buildup.

As the leaves fall from the tree’s, they get wet, clump together (with dirt, sticks, etc.), and they create a buildup. These items create a buildup that can backup your drains, and when drains are blocked, water and waste isn’t able to flow properly.   

Some drain cleaners are harmful to humans.

You might think that a DIY (do it yourself) solution is the best option. However, many drain cleaning products contain acid or lye, which is not only dangerous to you, but also to your drains. You don’t want to risk cleaning your drains with hazardous materials.

You DON’T have to rip up your yard.

When you have your drains and pipes inspected, you might find blockages or cracked pipes. However, you DO NOT have to rip up your yard, driveway, or that beautiful garden you created this last summer to have it fixed.

It’s getting colder.

Cold air causes pipes to get cold. Pretty obvious, right? Well, what might not be obvious is that debris can freeze (and even expand) causing cracks, and possibly breaks. Also, as your drains and pipes get colder, any current cracks run a further risk of bursting. Cold air is the killer of damaged or debris filled pipes.

As winter continues to approach, it’s important that you have your drains inspected. Our team does inspections as well as trenchless sewer repairs. To setup your inspection, connect with us today! www.arengh.com/contact/