3 sounds that your furnace shouldn’t make! Give it a listen.

We’ve all said it.

“Is the furnace supposed to make that noise?”

Maybe it was your kid who was scared? Or you wife, who was worried? Or maybe it’s you, unsure what your furnace should sound like? You don’t have to worry though, we’re not here to judge you.


If your furnace sounds like a “paid for” vehicle, you may want it to be inspected. Squealing typically results in a malfunctioning belt or a motor failure. There should not be any form of squealing, shrieking, or scary noises from your furnace. When it’s operating smoothly, it’s noises will be minimal.


Rattling is typically due to something being loose in the motor. If this rattling isn’t dealt with in a timely manner, you may see a complete system failure. Think about it this way: if 3 of your lug nuts are loose on your tire, you wouldn’t keep driving would you? No, you’d tighten them to prevent any further damage.  


In older furnaces, booming can occur when the furnace is being ignited. Typically this is due to a buildup of gas. So, if you hear a booming sound, call a technician immediately. Booming is not a sound you should mess with or wait around to find out about; especially if you smell any gas.

These are just a few examples of noises that your furnace can make. A good rule of thumb is if your furnace is making noises, call a professional. Your furnace will make a small running noise, but it shouldn’t be loud, obnoxious, or scary.

Keep warm and keep safe this winter!