So hot in here.

The weather here in Minnesota is reaching it’s peak season, and that means that AC units are running harder than ever (Insert a “you’d better catch them” joke here). But in all seriousness, with higher heat also comes higher stress on each unit; which can result in problems for you at home or work. 

In this blog post, we’ll address 6 specific tips to keep your AC running through the summer, regardless of the heat index outside. 

  1. Keep your AC unit in the shade: Guess what? Your AC unit is susceptible to overheating as well. Make sure that wherever your is placed, it’s covered with some sort of shade. This will ensure that it remains as cool as possible, and that it’s protected from overheating.
  2. Weatherize: Weatherizing your home helps protect your airflow and your wallet. By making sure that the cool air you’re pumping into your home stays there, you’ll know that you’re only paying to cool the rooms you own. Caulking and weatherstripping can help seal leaks around windows, keeping the air in. 
  3. Change your filters: THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE! We say this all the time, but people still don’t change their filters. By simply changing your filters, you’re able to protect the longevity of your AC unit, but also keep your air flowing free. This ensures better air quality and better, more consistent, air temperature. 
  4. Don’t use rocks as landscaping: Rocks and pavement can be reflective, and heat generators. By keeping your AC unit away from rocks and pavement, you can make sure that the unit remains cool (Also remember to keep it in the shade if possible).
  5. Watch out for debris: One of the most common reasons an AC unit breaks is because it overheats. And a common reason it overheats is due to some sort of debris covering or stuck within the unit. Make sure that you clean in and around the AC unit at least twice each year. 
  6. Call an HVAC professional: Calling a professional is never a bad option. With a once a year inspection, you can make sure you understand what needs to be fixed, watched for, or understood about what’s going to happen. A quick diagnostic by a professional can ensure a summer of smooth, clean, and cool airflow in your home.

o, as the weather continues to warm, make sure that you are protecting your AC unit. Remember, it’s designed to protect you; keeping your cool and out of reach of those harmful sun rays. 

Stay cool and enjoy your summer!

- A R Engh Team