Spring has Sprung A Leak - 5 Tips to Maintain Your Home’s Plumbing

Hey everyone, guess what!? It’s now officially spring, and that means that we’re moving into the season of showers and flowers. Spring has officially sprung, and your home may have sprung a leak. In this blog post we’ll focus on 5 ways to maintain your home’s plumbing, keeping those leaks contained so you can enjoy the spring weather! 

hen it comes to maintaining your home’s plumbing, there is no better solution than hiring a professional, however, there are a few tips than can better protect your property. These tips include: 

    1.    Checking for leaks
    2.    Pouring water in your drains periodically
    3.    Testing your sump pump
    4.    Installing flood alarms
    5.    Cleaning your outside/inside drains 

When it comes to preventative maintenance, these are just a few places to start. We’ll explain a little bit more why each tip is important. 

Check for leaks: As seasons change, your plumbing is exposed to different elements, and it will respond in different ways. Sometimes this means that leaks will be created, and when a leak is exposed, your water bill can be increased, or further damage can occur. By checking for leaks, you’re being proactive about responding to any necessary maintenance that needs tending, after the change in seasons. 

Pour water into your drains periodically: By pouring water into your drains periodically, you’re actually ensuring that the trap is full. This means there is fluid in the drains, protecting your home from unpleasant odors, or damage that can be caused by pipes drying out. 

Check your sump pump: Most every house has a sump pump, and most every house needs a sump pump. This is because your sump pump basically pumps liquid away from your home’s foundation, protecting you from flooding. By testing your sump pump in the spring, you’re ensuring that you’ll be prepared for the season’s showers. 

Install a flood alarm: We all know that spring is often a rainy and wet season. Because of this, installing a flood alarm - much like a smoke alarm - is a great idea. Your flood alarm will alert you of any potential flooding or leaks, so you can sleep easy. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Clean your drains & spouts: Whether your drains are inside or outside, it’s important that they are clean and clear of debris. Inside, make sure that your shower spouts, sink faucets, and any drain is clean (often times vinegar can help clean hard water or calcium build ups). Outside, make sure your gutters, spouts for hoses, and other various drains are clear of leaves, dirt, trash, etc. Remember, any blockage cal lead to potential flooding. 

ike we mentioned before, there is no maintenance solution better than hiring a profession. However, these tips should come in handy should you prefer to prep for summer by yourself. As always, our team of technicians are available for any questions that you have. 

- A R Engh Heating & Cooling Team