Why Geothermal: 4 Ways Geothermal Benefits Your Household

Did you know that geothermal heating and cooling is an option for your home? 

If you didn’t, it’s time that you look into this solution. Especially because there’s a tax credit that expires this year for these types of systems. As a home owner wouldn’t it be great if you could do the following:

    -    Pay less for your heating and cooling each month
    -    Be environmentally friendly, leaving a positive impact on the environment
    -    Keep a more consistent airflow - and temperature - in your home

Well, geothermal heating and cooling may just be your ticket. Here are four ways that geothermal will benefit your household, and how you can understand the difference between a geothermal unit and other traditional units. 

Lower Monthly Bills: Homeowners who utilized a geothermal heating and cooling unit have typically seen lower monthly bills; some at rates of 25-50% less than conventional units. If you’re interested in the money that you could be saving, connect with one of our technicians today. 

A Green Solution: Recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Geothermal is environmentally safe. According to some studies, installing a geothermal system equates to planting 750 trees or taking 2 cars off the road. By simply transitioning to geothermal HVAC for your home, you can leave a better footprint on the environment. 

Consistent Air Flow: Although geothermal systems typically heat/cool slower than traditional units, these systems provide more consistent heating and cooling than a conventional system. This means that you won’t have blasts of hot or cold air when you adjust your thermostat. The reason for the consistent airflow is that your geothermal unit is consistently running, not just kicking on when the temperature is adjusted; or needs adjusting. 

Longterm Solution: Geothermal systems typically last more than 20 years if properly maintained. This means that you can save a percentage of “running” cost for more than two decades. Also, when the unit is properly installed it requires little to no maintenance. Investing in the future is valuable; especially when it comes to geothermal. 

If you’re interested in geothermal as a heating/cooling solution in your home, please connect with our team today to learn more about its features. We’d love to help you think through the pros and cons of each type of HVAC unit. 

As always, we’re here for you! 

- A R Engh Team