A R Engh Spring Special

Spring is upon us, and that means that it's time to have your air conditioning unit inspected. During the months of April, May, and June we're offering a $75 inspection. Fill out the form below to schedule your AC inspection today!


$75 Spring Special Includes: 

  • Cleaning of leaves and debris out of air conditioner 
  • Washing of the condenser coil
  • Inspection of visual leaks, electrical failures, and contractors
  • Cleaning of condensation line
  • Inspection and/or changing of the filter
  • Check and record refrigerant charge
  • Check thermostat and settings
  • Check and record amp draw on compressor
  • Inspection of evaporator coil (cleaning if needed)

Ask About Our Home Plan:

To learn more about A R Engh's home plan, receiving the added benefits listed below, check the box on the Spring Special form. Think about it as HVAC insurance. Benefits include:

  • 10% off service calls
  • 5% off new equipment installations
  • Priority scheduling
  • 2 FREE filters

Schedule your $75 Spring inspection today.  

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